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 CBC Club Championships 

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Entry Form for Club Championships or Tournaments that the club may be hosting.  Please fill in all fields with Players names and their position in the team.


 Events for May to July 2024

Minor pairs Women open on  22nd May  closes on 5th of June Play on 12th of June 
Helen Dengate Women open 12th June closes on 26th of June Play on 3rd of July
Minor Triples Carnival Women open on  5th of June closes on 24th of July Play on 31st of July
Mens Singles opens on 22nd of June closes
6th of July Play on 13th & 14 of July
Mixed Pairs opens on 6 of July closes
20 of July Play on 27 & 28 of July
Mens Triples opens on 27 of July closes
10 of August Play on 17 & 18 of August


Club Championships & Tournaments
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