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 CBC Club Championships 

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Entry Form for Club Championships or Tournaments that the club may be hosting.  Please fill in all fields with Players names and their position in the team.

 Events for Sept to Dec 2023

CBC Name list for Pennants 2024 starts 11 Feb Include dates not available in submission
For CBC Pennant closing date is 18th of Dec 23 Pennant roll ups start 5:15 pm every Weds


Hamper day 10th of Dec 23 Open Fours entry
Minor Singles Opens 31st Oct closes 14 Nov
Xmas Carnival Opens 1st Dec closes 23 Dec
$25 per player/day.   Each day is separate.
27th 28th 29th Dec Open Pairs 3 Bowls 15 ends



Club Championships & Tournaments
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CBC Events Sept - Dec

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