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 CBC Bowling Sessions

Monday is a non bowling day plus Greenkeeper’s maintenance, so no bowls without special permission.

Please note Change of times for Social bowls on Tues & Frid sessions due to warmer weather.

Mixed social lawn bowls are organised and played every Tuesday to Sunday, except when special events such as championships, pennants, carnivals or sports days take precedence.

Tuesday sessions commence 12:30 pm names in by 11.30 am

Wednesday sessions commence at 10:00 am; names in by 9:30 am.

Thursday 12 enders commence at 10:00 am; names in by 9:45 am.

Join us for a fun and relaxed game of bowls every Thursday morning at Canberra Bowling Club. Playing 12 ends with four bowls each, from 10.00am to 11.30am. This game is ideal for bowlers who prefer a shorter and easier game, due to age, health, or personal reasons. Usually 3 or 4 players on each rink, and one player keeps the score. The jack is set on the line before starting, followed by a short stroll down the rink to see who wins the end. The winner then sets the mat for the next end. (There are no skips involved) It’s like playing singles, and a great way to practice your draw shots! non marked touchers, only bowls on the green count. At the end of the game, the winners of each rink play off for a bottle of wine, if more than 10 players. The game costs $13. Everyone is welcome to join us, and you don’t need to register in advance.

Friday sessions commence 12:30 pm names in by 11.30 am

Saturday sessions commence at 10:00 am; names in by 9:30 am.

Sunday session starts at 9.30 am, names in by 09:00 am except when Pennant Season is in progress.

Visiting Bowlers from other clubs are welcome at all sessions.

All session bookings via Socials Booking Form or Phone  0478 614 156

Please Note :  This is NOT a booking form for barefoot bowls, it is for full Club Bowling Members only and other visiting club members.                    Any barefoot bookings made via this form will be ignored. Thank you!

Todays weather + long range click here:

If booking on same day just copy & paste today’s date below into the form.  Today’s date is 25th May 2024

Bowls Bookings Plus SMS Text

Bookings made using this form it is best to turn up at least 30 mins before start time as confirmation is only given on the day unless your booking is replied to earlier.  Visitors, to add our Bowls Booking phone to your contacts scan the QR code below.

If Booking via SMS  0478 614 156 please include Name or Names, the social bowls day, plus the date you wish to play. Visiting bowlers must include a contact number when wishing to book a bowls game. Iphone users check that Imessage is disabled to send SMS.  Cost $10-15  Pay the Bowls Organiser at the Club on the day you have booked to play. The cost quoted is for Tues & Frid bowls other social day bowls are within the same quoted prices.

Social Bowls Booking

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