This section is for you or for anyone doing the cards on social bowls days.  This routine should already be in place but for those who are not sure , there are three things to check on the club mobile.

(1)  Phone calls with voice messages and these message can be retrieved by dialling 101 or by a prolonged press on the 1 button.

(2) Txt messages or SMS bookings, these are straight forward to read by pressing on the message icon . Just remember to delete those messages after you have processed them.

(3) Check the email  bookings,  The email link is represented as the google M  Google Mail Icon Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free ...icon on the home screen of the mobile phone.     Any Social bowls bookings will come into this mailbox, it will also be shown as a notification. This is something that everyone should be checking already as it normally won’t be members of our club that use it but visitors from other clubs. Emails can be deleted just like a text message by clicking on the bin icon after the email has been processed.  Remember a visiting bowler should not have to check if you got their entry, so take that little bit of extra time to navigate your way around the phone so it’s a normal routine.

For those unfamiliar with the Club or any smart phone, here is an instructional video.   For more bedtime reading the full manual for the Phone can been seen by clicking Here: