Pennants 🤨- You know the saying about somebody “comes crashing back to earth” – ever wondered how a Cobra does that? It still comes with a thud 💥But not all doom, the Cobra 🐍 5s continue to fly high despite the other grades having a less than successful weekend.

Starting with the 5s, what a big win over Belconnen at the SnakePit 🐍 taking the 12pts and running out 78-54 winners 🤩. Well led again by the rink of the ‘Quiet Assassin’ Ken Derbyshire with a 12 shot win. The ‘TJ’ Terry Jarvie rink had a solid 7 shot final gap while the ‘Uber’ O’Brien rink also got up by 5 👏. Off to Turner next week for an away game → good luck Canberra North 😉

Not all was rosy at the SnakePit however as the visiting Crookwell 2s shook the Cobras to the tune of 86-43. The Cobras did manage a rink win through Dave Lindbeck’s team getting up with a neat last shot draw to seal the 2pts. The rink led by ‘Big H’ Horace Williams went down by 7 while the significant damage was inflicted by the ruthless Hills led rink getting up by *cough* 38 🛑

Our top grade had a bit of a glitch out at the sublime greens at QRSLM, going down to the Diggers 52-59 (2-10), with the rink of Jimmy ‘the Jet’ Reynolds picking up the lone 2pts 🤙. Rinks of Sargeant and Smith went down by 1 and 7 shots respectively. The lads are off to the other Queanbeyan location next week, along with the Cobra 6ers also being hosted on the lush greens of Queanbeyan Bowlers Association.

Meanwhile, a positive performance by the super 6ers out at Yass, going down, but only 55-60. A strong performance by Keith ‘the Professor’ Pickard’s rink winning 22-15 kept the Cobras 🐍 in the hunt. Hats off to ‘the Professor’ taking a mentoring role with some new bowlers 🫡. The unit is improving and will be on an upward trajectory as the season progresses.

Strike Hard Cobras 🐍

• Social Bowls and other Club Notices *

Please note the change to start times on both Tuesday and Friday Social Bowls to 12:30pm from the 1st of March 2024 Entries by 11:30 am.
Also due to the current staff shortages at CBC, we still need to follow the trading regulations that only allow certified Poker Machine Attendants to monitor the club machines. Therefore, the machines will be off when the bar is run by volunteers or uncertified staff. We thank you for your cooperation and respect for the staff, who are volunteering their time for your enjoyment.

For those who are interested, the format for the 12 enders on Thursdays has been updated and is posted on the social bowls page.

For PDF format of Team Selections for Round 4 March 3rd 2024 click here: