Yes,  running a bit late this week due to a lot of last minute changes but still managed to draw up a roster of teams for round 5.

Last Weeks Match report for Round 4

👉🏼 anyone remember COVID? It’s still about and taking a toll on Cobra personnel this last week. A host of team changes led to a mixed weekend for the 4 Cobra quivers 🐍. The 1s went back to the ladder-lead with a 41 shot of Queanbeyan over the border 💥; the 2s went down to Belconnen; the 5s as tipped did a number on Canberra Norths over the river; the 6ers fought hard under changed line ups also over at Queanbeyan.

The Cobra Strike Hard 1s were out at Queanbeyan on Sunday, winning 91-50 (10-2) over the hosts ⚡️The win set up by a scorching 43-11 win by Jamie “the wizard🧙” Smith and his band of three helpers: Lawson, Dowsett and Roberts. Meanwhile, Matt ‘magician’ Sargeant’s close-knit rink also had a solid 13 shot win. The final rink was the rink hardest hit by personnel issues, but went down by 4, 21-25, in a bit of a shoot-out.

After an overly slow start at the Snakepit, the 2s made a stunning comeback to hit the lead with a few ends to go, but were outpointed 51-57 (2-10) at the completion of 63 ends. An outstanding performance from the Kenny D rink gave the Cobras a sniff of victory, dismantling a very solid Belconnen rink 24-11, but it was not enough to make up for the accumulated 19 shot loss on the other two rinks combined. The 2s also hit hard by personnel availability, but will need to find some clique and form fast in an 8-team league.

The 5s took a visit to the RUC and subsequently dismantled the home team, Canberra North, by an impressive 39-shot margin, 77-38 (10-2), despite dropping a rink. There’s certainly some form on “Uber” O’Brien’s rink as they dominated to win 36-5. Combined with another big win on the TJ (Jarvie) rink there is certainly some pressure on the div2 Cobras to perform. For the Tuggeranong 5s next week at the Snakepit → you’re next 😉

Finally, the heavily hit 6s fought valiantly against Queanbeyan away but went down 56-72 (2-12), despite a solid 8-shot victory on Chris “Mighty” Moore’s rink.

Next round sees both the 5s and 6s at the Snakepit, while the 1s and 2s are away southside to Weston Creek and Tuggeranong respectively. We’d expect to see some good patronage at the Snakepit afterwards with local games 🍻

Team Selections for Round 5 March 10th 2024       PDF format for teams click here: