Cobra’s Round 6 Wrap

The Strike Hard Cobras 🐍 roll on from another big weekend with a bit of a glitch for the 5s up in Goulburn but otherwise you are winners🥇 🤙

The 1s wandered out to Belco to take on the reigning premiers and came away 79-53 winners (10-2) 🔥. Bit of a last minute scramble for the injured Wiz, Jamie Smith (give yourself a spell and get better Wizard) but the nimble selectors cobbled together a team to bring home the points. Led again by the Matt Sargeant rink who ran away with a 17 shot victory with a couple of different faces this week to support ‘the Majician’ → Jimmy ‘the Jet’ Reynolds and Alex ‘drive-in’ Tonkin, made up for the unwell Jess Hogan. Yes it takes two stars 🌟 to make up for our awesome Jess 🤩 👉🏼We sincerely hope you are better soon Jess 🤞🏼. Not to be outdone, ‘Hollywood’ Todd Trewarne led the charge with a scolding win over BACT superstar veteran Jimmy Freeman. Well supported by a 🌟star-studded rink they ran out 13 shot victors.

Div2 were once again alone at the Snakepit, hosting Goulburn. The 2s got the job done 56-52 (10-2) but not before a spirited fightback from the railway team. Again led by the rink of stalwart Charles Smith who were relentless in winning 22-15, more than ably supported by Matt ‘Goldie’ Styles’ rink who also powered up for a 7 shot win. Hopefully the 2s can now start to get some continuity as they run into a tough draw for the last 4 weeks.

The 5s journeyed out to the big Merino against T.Swift and co (bet you’ve gone to look this up 😉) and, like many T.Swift fans, came away emptied handed for the first time this season (54-70). Due a mulligan; ‘nuff said. The Creek next week → beware the wounded Cobra 🐍.

Finally the 6s continued their roll – no pun intended – with their second win in a row 61-60 (8-4), overcoming RSL out on that thing of beauty they bowl on at QRSLM 😍. The 6 points was set up by a big win on Manny ‘Bushranger’ Brookman’s rink, getting up by 17 shots. Good work all-around as the 6s continue their development.

Round 7 this weekend before the Easter break sees the 1s and 6s travel down to Vikings, while the 2s and 5s again alternate with the former hosting the Creek at the Snakepit and the latter travelling out west to the Creek. All four teams south of the river, should be a big afternoon at the Snakepit as we host the incomparable Winning Due 🎵 👇🏽=

Please Note : Last minute team changes. 21/3/24

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