All Canberra Bowls Club bowling members are cordially invited to attend the Cobras Pennants Welcoming Dinner for 2024.  Commencing at 5:00pm Friday 2nd February
It will be a fun evening where at 5:00pm members will be able to have a quick rollup with your team members (Chucky will have something planned for the bowls).
At 6:00pm we will pack up our bowls and have a meal with the members – Greg Dennis will be providing light dinner entertainment music. At 6:45pm we will have some bowls guest speakers who will provide tips for the Pennant players and welcome our new members to the team. And at 7:30pm our members are invited to test their voices on stage with a Karaoke machine to 9:30pm.

Cobras Pennants Welcoming Dinner for Friday 2nd February 2024
5:00pm Bowls rollup
6:00pm dinner and entertainment by Greg Dennis
6:15pm bowls guest speakers bowls tips and welcoming of new members
7:30pm Karaoke to 9:15pm
Club closure 9:30pm

Note: There will also be a light tab on the bar for members (please show your kindness to your fellow members to ensure everyone has a chance to have drink on the club) and lastly have a great night 🙂

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In the meantime a reminder: Every Thursday @ 5:15 pm is the official  Pennant Roll ups @ CBC   For those who can’t make Thurs , Wed is the alternative day at the same time