Bowlers  📣: Church or Bowls on Sunday mornings ⁉️ We think the latter, everybody welcome, live music in the afternoon, food and drink available

Names in by 09:00 am Bowls start @ 09:30 am.  All bowlers welcome, all clubs, any gender, dress code is mufti

Game entry cost is $10 – 15 per player.

Bowls format is 2 by 10 – 12 ends  3 bowl  pairs, or variations of that format depending on number of players wishing to bowl.

winners play winners,  losers play losers.

No dead ends, jack re-spotted on the T

Big shout out to Cobra  rookies Trey Proctor and Barbara Dromgool in the BACT Rookies at QRSLM this weekend

Register your names online: HERE