The club needs a list of players available to play in the 2024 Pennant season. Obviously, the more names the better so that we can cover more grades with our club’s skill set. Starting weekend for Pennants is on Feb 11th 2024. For administration purposes nominations close for CBC around the 18th of Dec 2023 due to the break with the holidays. Pennant games next season is a 10 am morning start.
You can express your interest by submitting your name via the link below. Also, when submitting your name please also state any dates that you won’t be available to play in the form. Also if you only wish to be considered as a reserve, please make that clear within the form.
The ACT 2024 Bowls calendar is now available online here to check out all the playing dates.

New selectors are now up for nomination…

Official roll up for Pennants will commence this Wednesday 15th November , Now starting at 5:15 pm  (all welcome). We are starting as a club…we are to all roll up together as one club, no structure, it’s about everyone mixing and playing with each other and for each other!!!

Canberra Bowls Club wish everyone the best for next years Pennants…Go the Cobras 🐍 💪🏻😃

The other item that presents an administrative issue for the club is, existing members who have not updated their email address. This has come about due to a lot of Australia’s mainstream internet providers closing down their mail servers. This means all those who used their ISP as their main email address could possibly no longer work after the 30 of November 2023. Although I posted an article about this years ago in the club newsletter the crunch time is now coming. You can read the online news about this change here. Those on TPG, IINET, Westnet, Internode, etc are in the firing line. But you can be assured the other big players will follow not long after so it just makes sense to just change to a cloud-based email service such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail etc.  There is an Update page created for this purpose where existing members can update their details with a new email contact for those who need it. It will also cater for members who have changed their living address. So if you don’t wish to miss out on weekly Pennant team announcements and club news then best update those details.


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