We are excited to announce the launch of our new website at the Canberra Bowling Club!  To celebrate, a small token gesture with a collection of computer desktop wallpapers, featuring some images of our club. These high definition wallpapers are perfect for personalizing your home computer alongside the children and grand children pictures or just showcasing your fondness of the game or the Club.

Another *IMPORTANT* thing to note: In the future emails coming from the club that are sent out as mass mail will be coming from a different source. This means for those who have cloud based email addresses , like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc these emails may end up in promotions or spam folder. The best way for this not to happen is add the sender email to your contact list.  It will be then identified as a trusted sender, or move it from promotions to inbox virtually the same thing.  If the mail ends up in the Spam folder you will have to add the sender as contact so it will be identified in the future a trusted sender.

Tips on how to do this here :  Outlook  Gmail  Hotmail  Yahoo   Video Tutorial for the same thing.

Bowls Organisers or those doing the cards on Social Bowls days click here:

The Desktop Wallpaper files are packaged together in a zip format which can be extracted by clicking on it after the download is complete….


Wallpaper Download Link Below: